General Information

Tasos Bobonis was born in Athens in 1962 and finished the well-known school Ziridi “Lyceion Athena“. He studied at N.T.U.A, School of Civil Engineering and graduated in 1987. He is married with one daughter.
After receiving his University degree he joined the company LEKAT in Leros and later the P. Milisis SA company where he was in charge of the construction site compound works in the factory of Titan at Kamari.
Since 1990 he has been engaged in the construction of projects in the private sector.
In 1996 he was involved in the construction of a luxury residential complex in Voula, in collaboration with the architectural firm of Mr. Karantavanis, with whom he went on to work on many additional projects of special construction requirements (shops and villas).
In October 2005 he founded "B & K Constructions OE" with D. Karantavanis and began building three detached homes and a fourth-floor apartment building on private land in Rafina, Kokkino Limanaki.
At the same time, he continued his involvement in several private projects, in collaboration with other architects (I. Gazetas, I. Arachovitis, K. Chatzioglou, L. Mavrogiorgis) which has lasted until today.



October 1988, Hellenic Management Association:

  • Basic Management seminar.
  • Basic Marketing seminar.

October 1990, EL.KE.PA.:

  • Project Management of constructions.

November 1993, NTUA:

  • Organization and management of building worksites.

1996, Professional Chamber of Athens (E.E.A.):

  • Real Estate Agent License

June 1996, Professional Chamber of Athens (E.E.A.):

  • Property valuations.

October 1996, Professional Chamber of Athens (E.E.A.):

  • Evaluation of Real Estate investments.

January 2000, NTUA:

  • Repairs of buildings damaged by earthquakes.

December 2002, Ministry of Environment:

  • Contractor BA A2 (B) Class of Building Works

March 2019:

  • Smartcities19 Conference.
  • Sustainable Urban Development
December 2020:
  • Blockchain Conference.

Spoken languages

He is fluent in English, French and Italian.



Social Participation

He is involved in several charitable, environmental and animal welfare associations. He writes columns for the local newspaper of Agia Paraskevi as an active citizen with proposals for the development of the city, the deployment of digital applications and the preservation of the urban environment. He has participated in the committee for the development of the city's property assets as well as the committee for Green, Environmental and Sustainable Development.
After the fire of Mati in 2018, he played a major role in the creation of a coordination committee of the residents of the area and was actively and voluntarily involved in the reconstruction of Mati. He participated in meetings with the greek Prime Minister, several ministers, mayors and other officials and he played a leading role in informing residents about the restoration of their homes.




  • Competitive swimmer from 1972 to 1977, with third National victory.
  • Athlete in basketball clubs (Milon, A. O. K. Halandriou) and the team of NTUA from 1980 to 1993.
  • Certified basketball coach from GS Sport since 1992.
  • He is currently interested in tennis, trekking and table tennis.
  • Amateur photographer. Participation in several photography competitions for which he has won awards and distinctions.